Welfare & Security Solutions for Rural Areas
  • Security isn’t expensive, it’s priceless!

Home & Business Security

Here at Incognito systems, we are passionate about providing security solutions to our customers, including commercial, domestic, and rurally based. Our experienced and qualified engineers carry out design, installation, and configuration of a number of services including CCTV, Alarms, 4G Broadband and WiFi systems.

Aside from providing much needed surveillance systems to towns and cities, we specialise in protecting rural communities, both by securing properties and connecting them to superfast broadband, where mobile network coverage is available. Our commitment to rural communities has seen us invest significantly in our Solo range of products which can be monitored from smartphone or tablet 24/7.

We can fully tailor our bespoke solutions dependent on the unique requirements of the premises and have successfully completed installations at a number of business, leisure, and residential properties. 

Our systems are ideal for; equestrian facilities, farmyards & barns, fields, construction sites, allotments, to name a few. Our systems are perfect for *ANYWHERE without internet access and with or without mains power. Solo products may be a more cost-effective alternative to installing new cabling, whether mains or broadband.

(*requires Mobile Network Coverage)

Technological Innovation

Solar Panels

We only use & specify superior quality Monocrystalline solar panels for quicker efficient charging


Latest LiFePO4 batteries, with optional capacities, providing resilience even with normal inclement UK weather

Leading CCTV

Market leading CCTV products, apps, support & warranties

Solar Charge

Smart Charge Controller with integrated Bluetooth, enabling Monitoring of charge, battery state and load consumption


Our systems are designed to allow for easy, rapid installation, some of which can be easily redeployed

LTE Router

Powerful 4G /LTE & WiFi cellular router. Great for quick deployment where there is no existing network available


Service Plans available to keep your investment in top condition


Remote monitoring on your Smartphone or Tablet 24/7

No power,
No problem

Our Solar systems operate without mains power, but requires unobstructed view South to harness power from the Sun


UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) incorporated in some Mains powered systems

Our Off Grid Solutions

From our home alarm installation and WiFi for rural areas, to our business CCTV and comprehensive security packages, hundreds of customers across the UK trust our discreet, professional and cost-effective solutions.

Our Off Grid Solutions

  • Remote monitoring, surveillance & welfare solutions utilising the latest technology
  • High specification industrial LTE Router, providing 4g and WiFi
  • Modular system allowing for Pole or Wall mount with our unique Mounting System
  • Roof mount options
    available for Solar Panel
  • Team of dedicated Qualified Field Engineers to undertake Installation & Configuration
  • Remote alarm systems for Tack rooms, Barns and Sheds
  • Scalable modular system allowing for multiple Cameras or accessories
  • Bespoke systems for multiple cameras, alarms, lighting and more

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