Welfare & Security Solutions for Rural Areas

4G Broadband

With the emergence of new technology and super-fast broadband, typically those living in rural areas are left behind when it comes to getting the most megabits per second. With broadband giants choosing to lay their cabling in busy cities and towns to connect as many people as possible for the smallest price, often the fibre optics fall short of those living and working in the countryside, who are stuck with paying thousands of pounds for installation or working with limited coverage.

We understand that having a secure and quick internet connection is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of modern life, with everything from paying bills, running a business, filing taxes and even keeping in touch with friends favouring the digital methods. For those living outside of areas with broadband, day to day tasks can be extremely long-winded, waiting for long periods of time for web pages to load. This can also be hazardous for security reasons, leaving those with few neighbours, long distances between houses and limited access to communities vulnerable and not easily able to make contact when necessary.

However, Incognito Systems are specialist providers of WiFi for rural areas and have a solution that doesn’t require any expensive or stressful groundwork, but that can offer the same fast 4G Wifi that you get in city centres. By offering our rural broadband solutions to those in the countryside, we can help them stay safe and connected and can give them a springboard to take advantage of other internet-enabled security features, like our CCTV and alarm networks.

Modern Modems

Incognito Systems provide 4G broadband to rural areas that is industrial in strength making it suitable for businesses and residential customers alike. By harnessing the transmission of 4G frequencies from mobile phone towers and running it through our SIM operated modem, we can convert 4G cell phone internet into broadband that’s useable by phone, laptop, PC, smart TV and tablets.

Consistent Connection

The mobile router we provide is equipped to supply high-performance cellular communication in harsh and hazardous environments and is not easily disrupted by wind, rain or storms. Equipped with an external SIM holder, digital input/output and signal strength status LEDs, the 4G/LTE router is suited for professional applications and ensures easy network deployment and management at all times. It even has external SMA connectors, making it possible to attach optional Omni Directional Aerials for the best signal location.

Bespoke Options

For rural customers looking to take advantage of our high speed 4G broadband installations, we can also offer a range of internet-enabled security features as part of a comprehensive welfare package suited to your needs. With fewer neighbours, outbuildings and a low population density, rural areas are prime targets for thieves and can benefit greatly from having security measure installed that can be monitored remotely.