Welfare & Security Solutions for Rural Areas

Rural Solutions Experts

Incognito Systems are a rural solutions specialist and can supply both broadband and security installations to help connect people living and working outside of big cities and towns. We know the importance of a good internet connection and what that can offer, both in terms of protection and opportunity.

Living and working in areas that have a small population, great distance between homes and limited access to amenities, often people in rural settings have to suffer with both poor internet service and high rates of crime against property. Together, this combination can be extremely frustrating and can put people at risk of loss of possessions and livelihood.

With the best security systems such as CCTV and alarms now relying on an internet connection for remote monitoring purposes, homes and businesses with these installations are better protected than those without. Many rural clients feel as though they don’t meet the criteria for such installations, often because of a lack of consistently strong internet connection. Our team of highly experienced engineers can install 4G broadband routers and a range of CCTV and alarm options without the need for expensive groundworks or inflated area costs.

Security Solutions

Protecting homes and businesses has never been more topical, with crimes against property on the increase all over the country. CCTV and alarms can help to deter thieves, trespassers and vandals just by alerting them to the possibility of recognition, should they commit a crime. If however, a crime is committed alarms can significantly reduce the damage done by startling the perpetrators, alerting people nearby or even automatically calling and external source. CCTV is invaluable in court cases, providing identification if perpetrators and acting as indisputable evidence sources.

Connected CCTV

Remote monitoring of CCTV and alarm systems offers businesses and homeowners an extra layer of protection, allowing them to check up on their property when they are leaving it unoccupied. Modern systems can even send alerts to mobile phones that notify the user when their system has detected something unusual, allowing them to check and if necessary, call the authorities immediately. By installing 4G routers that harness one of the strongest broadband signals, we can offer a comprehensive solution for all rural customers.

Truly Bespoke

With years of experience and our high-quality technology, Incognito Systems can create a security and welfare system that is truly bespoke to the needs of our rural customers. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a single camera and alarm solution, or a business owner with multiple buildings, entry points and assets to cover, we’ll complete a meticulous site survey to design a solution that works for you.