Welfare & Security Solutions for Rural Areas


The need for CCTV across the country has skyrocketed over the last few years, with crimes against property on the increase, homeowners and businesses alike are looking to protect their assets and their future. Whether it’s a single camera set up over the front door or a comprehensive system covering all angles, Incognito Systems can design, supply and install a system that is suitable for every need.

Incognito by name, our systems can be installed so that they are discreet and don’t infringe on the overall external appearance of the property. Alternatively, we can install overt solutions that act as a deterrent to would-be thieves or trespassers. Whatever your requirements, our team have years of experience and are highly qualified engineers that can help secure your property.

Gone are the days where only city-dwelling properties required such stringent security measures, today theft in the suburbs and even rurally is on the increase. With a lower population density and large spaces to cover, CCTV installation is absolutely paramount for countryside homes, farmers, allotments and businesses out in the sticks.



Modern Solutions

Our top of the range wireless CCTV systems allows the property owner to remotely monitor cameras from their mobile phones, tablets or PC’s – which can be a problem for poorly connected rural locations. Thankfully, our team are able to install 4g broadband solutions for people living in these communities, ensuring that they benefit from the same high-tech quality CCTV as our urban customers. As specialists in welfare and security solutions for rural locations, our team are on hand to ensure that you’re connected, secured and as safe as possible from threats

Assured Protection

Unlike traditional CCTV installations, our solutions are created to be fully functional no matter what. Housed in a waterproof casing, our cameras and their components are safe from weathering and are powder coated for a robust finish. We have a selection of mains powered cameras as well as a couple of units that are battery powered and recharged by a built-in solar panel, ensuring that the property is protected even in the event of a power outage. All of our options are internet enabled and are configurable for ‘live viewing’ and multiple users.

Bespoke Solutions

As well as providing standalone CCTV units and installation, Incognito Systems offer a bespoke service, to both domestic and commercial customers. Our experienced engineers can offer a no obligation site survey, meticulously examining all areas of possible intrusion or theft and come up with a CCTV solution that is effect to your needs. Working within your budget, we can ensure that every angle is covered by our top of the range technology offering properties the unparalleled protection of a tailored system.